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Beautifully created Shiva platters created by our talented staff that will impress anyone.

Shabbat Kiddush for any budget. With masterfuly created dishes that will not leave anyone hungry.

We are the masters in pleasing everyones pallet. With our succulaent platters and dishes we are here to serve you. 


Customer Reviews

Mechys Deli helped make my office business lunch the talk of town. Food was delicious and was very impressive. Fresh and tasty food that was displayed beautiful. Thanks Mechy for taking care of our menu. I LOVE Mechys Deli!!
Rivka H.
Shabbat dinner and did not have time to prepare food. Called Mechys Deli and i was put at ease. From the fish to dessert everything was taken care of. It was delicious and my guests thought it was home made!
Jack W.